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If you are considering revision surgery for shoulder or elbow, you are not alone. Many people undergo surgery to correct problems from previous procedures.

Dr. Eric Giang is an orthopedic surgeon in Modesto, and one of his areas of expertise is revision surgery for shoulder and elbow.

What revision surgery is and when it may be necessary?

Revision surgery is a type of operation that is performed to correct problems that occur after an initial surgery. It may be necessary to revise the original surgery because of an infection, a poor healing response, instability, or implant failure.

Seeing an upper extremity specialist

Revision surgery is almost always more challenging than primary (initial) surgery. Because of the complexities of the shoulder and elbow, it’s important that you have an orthopedic surgeon who specializes in the upper extremity perform revision surgery in these joints.

Dr. Eric Giang performing surgery in Modesto, CA
Dr. Eric Giang revision surgery in Modesto, CA

Shoulder and Elbow Revision Surgery in Modesto, CA

If you’re experiencing complications from a previous shoulder or elbow surgery, please schedule an appointment with Dr. Eric Giang by using the link below.