Robotic Knee Replacement Surgery

Robotic knee replacement implant x-ray

What is a robotic knee replacement surgery and how does it work?

Osteoarthritis in the knee is a common condition that can cause pain and difficulty with mobility. When other treatments, such as physical therapy, weight loss, and medications, no longer provide relief, surgery may be recommended.

Knee replacement surgery is a common procedure to relieve the pain and disability caused by joint osteoarthritis. During knee replacement surgery, the damaged bone and cartilage are removed and replaced with an artificial joint.


Robotic assisted knee replacement surgery represents the latest advancement in total knee replacement surgery. Dr. Giang uses the NAVIO system, which is a surgical planning, navigation, and intra-operative visualization system combined with a hand-held, smart instrument for bone sculpting.

What are the benefits of robot assisted knee replacement surgery?

One of the benefits is intraoperative patient-specific planning. The system relays precise information about a patient’s knee to a robotics-assisted handpiece used by Dr. Giang during the procedure.


This patient-specific data helps establish boundaries for the handpiece so that the damaged surfaces of the knee can be removed, the joint can be balanced, and the implant can be put in with greater precision.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Robotic Knee Replacement Surgery?​

You may be a candidate for robotic knee replacement surgery if you have osteoarthritis that has caused moderate to severe pain and disability, you are not responding to conservative treatments, and your x-rays show joint damage.

What to Expect After Robotic Knee Replacement Surgery?

Recovery will likely vary from patient to patient, however, due to the unparalleled precision provided by this improved technology, we are able to more accurately balance the knee and placement of components specific to your unique anatomy. Although the studies are still limited, it is thought that better placement of the components may lead to less wear and future failure. Ultimately, the goal of joint replacement is to restore your normal anatomy as best as we can and robotics allows me to have precision and accuracy in creating a knee tailored to you.

Why See Dr. Giang For This Surgery?

Dr. Giang is an experienced and highly qualified orthopedic surgeon who specializes in Knee Replacement Surgery. He has a proven track record of consistently delivering successful outcomes through his innovative approach to patient care, making him the ideal choice for those seeking superior hip replacement surgery.

Dr. Eric Giang is an orthopedic surgeon in Modesto, CA specializing in knee replacement

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